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The Marsh Clinics®

Mental Health Services

Psychotherapy & Addictions

We provide ongoing psychotherapy services for a variety of concerns such as trauma, oppression, sexual assault, discrimination, depression, anxiety, bipolar, and even everyday life stressors.

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Psychiatric Services

These services are offered for those who are in need of medications to assist them in their healing journey.

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Crisis Intervention

We offer crisis intervention services for those in need of immediate mental health care.

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We offer academic institutions and organizations interested in receiving coherent and cohesive community-based education on the emerging strategies of telehealth.

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Case Management

Case management services are provided for those who may need assistance with housing, job placement, health care and legal advocacy.

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Volunteering with The Marsh Clinics® Thank you for your interest in volunteering with The Marsh Clinics®! Fill out this form and a member of our team will get back to you to see if there are volunteer opportunities for you to be a part of now or in the future.

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The Marsh Clinics® & Telehealth

The Marsh Clinics® offers telehealth as a critical entry point to intervention. Telehealth is a modern, efficient way to receive mental health care straight from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Utilizing videoconferencing, telephone sessions, and various other technologies, TMC is attempting to remove some of the barriers, especially the social stigma to mental health that deters people from receiving treatment. TMC’s unique emphasis on technology creates immediate access to cost effective, discrete and tangible treatment. According to the American Psychiatric Association, telehealth is one of the most effective ways to increase access to psychiatric care for individuals living in underserved communities (2015).

Telehealth works with the help of a highly qualified and trained staff of paraprofessionals, interns, case managers, counselors, therapists and psychiatrists. TMC comprises a competent staff available to assist people six days a week. A majority of our clients are referred to us through the court system— juvenile, adult, and family—the district attorney, social services, Victim of Crime, Bureau of Prisons and by reaching out to homeless shelters.

The Marsh Clinics

Mental Health Team

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BA, Board Member
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J.D., Board Member
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PhD, Board Member
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Administrative Assistant
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