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At TMC, we offer addiction services, uniquely different from the standard treatment services. We do not subscribe to one size fits all, but tailor a plan to meet your specific needs. We work with individuals who want recovery, but yet keep relapsing and want to learn skills to stay clean and sober. Also, we explore with those who want to know if they have a substance use problem or disorder. In our work, we address underlying factors that contribute to your addictions. We feel like this is a key factor in maintaining one’s sobriety while living a joyful life. And yes, we help those who may be sober but feel like they’re not finding the joy or oomph in their lives. Here at TMC, we are trained and equipped in addressing those who may have dual diagnosis (An addiction problem and a mental health condition). We offer special couple and family counseling assisting anyone in a relationship with someone with addictions, to find peace of mind. In addition, we help those with compulsive behaviors of all kinds, including shopping, sex, gambling, internet, eating, exercise and more. Education is woven into all sessions.

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