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Jann Scott


Working within 4 major hospitals in the bay area for 13 years, Jann has assisted countless patients, including their families, into recovery from addictions, co occurring disorders and codependency. Recently, she has been counseling clients in the criminal justice system utilizing CBT. Jann’s belief is that anyone can change and turn their life around. Stated by one inmate, “I learned to change my thoughts, and the outcomes changed”
Having come of age in the culture of love, peace and drugs in the bay area, Jann realized early on that drugs and alcohol were not all fun, witnessing close up, many losing their lives to them. She learned that addiction was a medical disease-yet why didn’t people seek help? This was in a big part due to shame, triggered by stigmas.

With graduate studies in Education and years of teaching school in diverse communities, then running her own communication company, the awareness of drugs and alcohol being at epidemic proportions, plagued her. With the conviction, “Treatment works recovery happens,” she wanted to be part of the solution, advocating for those with addictions with law makers. Changing coarse, she gave up her company and went back to school earning a certificate in Alcohol and Drug Studies at UC Berkeley, followed by Certification in Addictions.

Continuing studies in psychology, Jann focused on positive psychology, embracing the importance of fostering people’s strengths-not focusing only on what isn’t working. She acquired training in energy psychology, using Emotional Freedom Techniques, assisting clients with quicker results from; phobias of all kinds, behavioral addictions, most all troubling emotions and physical discomforts. Included among some of the modalities she draws upon are; CBT, EFT, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness plus weaving in spirituality. Underpinnings of all sessions are-wellness is one’s natural state, to return to.

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