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Who We Are At The Marsh Clinics®

The Marsh Clinics® is a 501(c)3 organization created to ensure that all communities have access to quality mental health care services. We are committed to serving historically underserved communities who have continually been denied access to mental health care. We hope by increasing accessibility and affordability through our telehealth services, we will be able reach out to all people and reclaim mental health care as a necessary part of overall health and well being. Through our work, we hope to not only transform individual lives but transform communities.

  • (510) 328-3133
  • admin@themarshclinics.com
  • 401 Grand Ave., Suite 380
    Oakland, CA 94610

Our Team

Lidia Sebhat
BA, Board Member
Maurice Arnold
J.D., Board Member
Dr. Theopia Jackson
PhD, Board Member
Andrea Kelly
Administrative Assistant
Jann Scott
Michele Bunker Alberts
Yvette Jackson
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